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Formaldehyde-free (additive-free) urea granulation

Making Green Granulation's process even greener

In September of 2016, the Green Granulation R&D department commissioned a mobile pilot plant (MobPP) in order to start an intensive testing program for production of Urea granules without Formaldehyde.

The MobPP was designed as such that it has a separate urea feed tank where different concentrations of urea melt feed can be formed in order to reach a concentration that contains low biuret concentration (max 0.6% for urea application in DEF). The MobPP has a dedicated atomization air blower and exhaust fan. For research on different types of additives for fertilizer grade urea granules, the system has been designed with a separate additive feed pump and loop system.

In October 2016, Green Granulation concluded a series of successful tests that resulted in a granulation process in which no additive to the urea granulation process is needed and granular urea with max 0.6% biuret was realized with adequate product strength and moisture content for bulk storage.

Green Granulation is currently working with one of its existing clients to design and build an industrial-scale granulation plant using the described principles.


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